I-Team Process

The international Cancer Alliance for Research and Education ICARE is a multi-national, non-profit network of global scientists who hope to support each patient and their doctor by helping to identify, evaluate, personalize, and accelerate access to emerging therapeutic options and technologies. ICARE does this by creating “individual” investigative partnerships which begin with one patient, one doctor and one cancer researcher.  As global participants are added, these Investigative Teams (I-Teams) allow individual patients and their local doctors to participate in real-time, personalized academic research projects and these projects are driven solely by patient needs and are not limited by institutional and national boundaries.

Imagine if, before the first (or next) therapeutic decision is made, you and your doctor could have access to: 
• The most knowledgeable and creative people in the world in the treatment of your type of cancer.
• A listing and explanation of all options available in three therapy categories

  • Standard, FDA approved therapies and diagnostics(radiation,
    surgery, chemical and biological).
  • Clinical Trials, ongoing and near-term, in therapy
    and diagnostic/prognostic technologies.
  • Cutting Edge Medicine, Research and Technology

• The possibility of having all Standard or Clinical drugs evaluated and tested on your particular tumor – not directly, but through your tissues, maintained alive in surrogate cell cultures and animals.
• New research projects, new thinking and financial support that is 100% focused on keeping you alive and ultimately eradicating your cancer completely.
• The immediate benefits of interaction and feedback with a network of similar patients.
• Opportunity to support the personalized therapy needs of others who are less able to access personalized research care.
• Opportunity to meet virtually and support some “Freedom of Pursuit” time for specific scientists who wish to focus their creativity on finding solutions to your cancer.

This is what the Investigative Team 10-Step I-Team Process of ICARE programs is all about.

If you like to join our collaboration 

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